Beautiful Girl

“I’m an angel with monsters in my mouth.” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I want to run away. I need a passport. I need to see the world. I heard there’s more than this place. I need proof. I should leave today. Forget the packing. I’ll go just like this. Meet me there? On the other side of anywhere. -Stephanie Bennett-Henry

If loving me is hard, you’re doing it wrong. Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“This has all been one hell of a maze…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“Loving me is going to hurt…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“My favorite place to be…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“Never mind the stars, I make wishes on his eyes.” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“It’s the morning after you and I couldn’t wipe this smile off my face if I tried.” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“If she looks lost to you, look again…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“The granted you took me for turned out to be the goodbye that introduced me to the hello..” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“I’m sorry that the best of me always looked like hell to you…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“Sometimes love is ugly enough..” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“Maybe the time will come when you realize…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“This place is sick and twisted…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“Nobody cares what you think about someone’s heart…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“If I could go back, I would take all the wrong turns on purpose…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“I feel like I can’t so this anymore, but I keep going for you, in spite of myself…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“One day our hearts are going to crash into one another and the whole world will make sense.” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“I wish we were simple, I wish we were for sure…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“She didn’t pour her heart and soul out for likes…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

If I didn’t know better, I would say you are an earthquake…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“I want someone to see me at my absolute ugliest…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“Listen closely when I say I love you…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“and when you didn’t say a word, I heard more than I wanted to…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“More beautiful than I say hello is the way I say goodbye..” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“I only know for sure, if you had spent more time kissing me…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“More often than not, I just want to be alone….” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“You call me heartless like it’s a bad thing…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“This madness has drained me…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“I will admist that I waited a really long time for you…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“Sometimes I think you are waiting for me to climb inside your heart…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“Give me the ache in my bones…” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Sometimes it’s the madness without a name that saves us.” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

“There was a time in my life when I would have..” Stephanie Bennett-Henry

If you love me, say something now. And I don’t meant the kinda, sorta, maybe kind of love. I’m talking about the love that hurts. The kind that changes your breathing, makes you tremble at all the right times, in all the right places, empties you completely to fill you again and again. Do you love me like that? Then tell me. Show me. Come and take me. -Stephanie Bennett-Henry©

I will never crawl to you. I will never buckle my knees for you or for anyone else. I will never give you more than the roll of my eyes, the hard turn of my back, like a door being slammed, a book being closed after the last disappointing chapter. I’ve said it a million times and my voice will never waiver as I say it a million more. I have given you all that I have. You’re not getting the cold, empty room of me that still stands because it stands with only one brick of slap-stick love. That’s all I have left of me and whatever it takes, I will rebuild that empty room into a home and I promise you will not be getting a key. Stephanie Bennett-Henry©

There’s poetry hiding under my tongue, turning my chaos into art and every time it saves me. Stephanie Bennett-Henry©

If you want to love me, you better be a storm chaser. -Stephanie Bennett-Henry©

I have spent my life with one foot out the door. I can’t wait for the other foot to come to the realization that it doesn’t need permission to complete the exit and the only approval I need to complete the exit and the only approval I need to complete this sweet escape is my own. Stephanie Bennett-Henry©

I wonder what you do with the little shards of my heart you kept? If you still love them in secret, still hold on to what you once said was beautiful. Maybe you do hold those pieces from time to time because I swear I still feel you touching me, and as far as your heart, I never did let go. Stephanie Bennett-Henry©

and I don’t know what else to say. I only know this love of ours is something special, not to be felt lightly. But to be felt so deep, it’s absorbed into your skin, thick like forever, and hard enough to crack your bones in places that hurt in the best way. I love you this way. Always have. But, I feel like I’m nothing more than just another day to you, one you could take or leave, and I am so much more. Stephanie Bennett-Henry©

She’s never been the intimidating type, but still, she scares the shit out of you. You never saw her happy until she was gone and now her smile is something that has nothing to do with you. She’s happy without you. She is bad ass without you. She is so much of everything on her own and none of it was your idea. That always was your biggest fear. But you should’ve been terrified when she never smiled, instead of doing nothing. Now you watch while she smiles a name that doesn’t even sound like yours. Stephanie Bennett-Henry©

I want you. That’s all there is to say. I want you. I always get what I want and if I don’t, I’ve been known to take it. So, if you don’t feel the same, say something now because I’m about to kick down the front door of your heart and just take you. Stephanie Bennett-Henry©

12 thoughts on “Poetry”

  1. I’ve been reading your poems through Facebook for a few months now. Thank you for saving me. Thank you for giving me courage and strength. Your poems kept my head up in a lot of dark times. They remind me so much of the struggles I’ve faced and overcame. Your words are so deep and real. I truly appreciate you.


  2. How many words do you think there are floating around inside this cookie jar. What treasures to behold. A literary gift given to us since days of old. Every word we speak has meaning and seeks its peak much as people on earth compete your words will fight after being born to survive the daily storms. Given birth they take on their own shape and exist from now to the end of days. So choose wisely when you say or speak every word that you release. Inspect them for kindness dressed in gold and of course there’s understanding from experience given from days of old. Patience too must you include if your manifested words should be tested when our Lord returns with much adue. Make sure your words are goodness through and through… ja wa


  3. Stepahnie bennet,i didn’t have any words to describe you what a great and astonishing woman.you are what…..???
    please give me a word to appreciate you
    Long live with long love and prosperity


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