Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry


They call me a wanderer


Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

Until We Meet Again

How beautiful

that you lived this life

no matter how short,

no matter how long,

so intentional

and even when it wasn’t,

you were still able to walk into

every room, grab the light,

pull it close and hold it

along with the attention of

every heart in the room.

And all the eyes would search

your light, eager to dance

in your glow, ready to be close

to that smile. And I swear,

your smile alone is what made

the sun set and rise.

How beautiful

that you would make an exit

as breathtaking

as your entrance,

showing the end of your song,

but the beginning of your flight

and we all watch

your journey home.

Some say this is the end,

but most of us know

this is only the beginning

of a new journey.

Fly out. Fly in. Fly away.

Your spirit will stay

Your spirit will go

And now the sky has a new angel

watching over us.

Until we meet again, friend.

Now go show the sky how to dance.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry


Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

I Know You

You don’t know me, but you do. I don’t know you, but I am you. Maybe we have never met, but we are the same. I know you. I have walked in your shoes at times and yes, you have also tried mine on a time or two, walked the same path, felt the way it hurts when those shoes become uncomfortable as we outgrow pair after pair. This path… love, this path… it’s not always smooth, is it? Sometimes it gets a little rough, cracks and crumbles along the middle, and other times, it breaks, like an earthquake showing up to say, “go the other way” just before that path falls out from under you and you fall too. I have fallen like that, face first into lessons I never wanted to learn, but I learned. Feels like being force fed lessons found in my own medicine sometimes and aren’t those always the ones we spit out a hundred times before we finally give in long enough to taste the pain? And it hurts to swallow down the understanding that swims in the pill of our reflections, but refusing it only makes the path a lot longer. It’s easy to get lost there, hard to be found there. That’s why we are here though. Walking the same paths, learning from each other, sharing lessons, like lending shoes as we outgrow them. You can borrow mine. Maybe they’re well worn and tattered, but I promise… they will fit you perfectly, long enough for this part of the journey. Try them on. I left secrets inside from the time I was on that same journey, and perhaps you can learn some shortcuts from my mistakes, as I learn from yours. I will meet you at the crossing. You’ll know me when you see me, for I will be wearing the pain you once wore and I swear to god, I will make it beautiful, the same way you make mine look beautiful. Nice to meet you. I’ve waited my whole life to see my pain in your eyes and I never knew until now… how to wear these lessons like a lifeline that saves us all. Thank you for showing me.

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry #stephaniebennetthenry #ragingrheoric

📷 Photo by: Anja Stiegler

Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

Burn Beautiful

I can’t help it. I have this way about me… I take everything painful, let it linger inside as long as I need it to, and then I turn it into something more. Art, poetry, whatever you want to call it. I can’t help myself. That’s what I have to do to make sense of it. Some people just let it roll away, some people hold it until it hardens them. Some people let it turn them cold. I do all of the above and write about it too. I write about it until the lesson is clear. Until I find the reason why it had to hurt like that. And so… I write you, so it’s not just a wasted moment of some asshole who didn’t know what he really wanted until someone was ripped open. I write you so it’s not just some stupid mistake I made that meant nothing but I’m still picking up the pieces asking why years later. I write you, not to give you more power than you deserve in my story, because let’s face it, if that were the case, you wouldn’t even exist in my story. But I write you to understand why you crossed my path. And I know now who I’m not, who you are, and mostly that not everyone is good. Even when they say so. Even when they pretend to have good intentions, when their heart seems as though it’s pure gold. I learned to stop believing in everyone so much that I didn’t believe in me. I learned that people will say anything to keep you until they no longer need you and then they just leave. And I leaned to be okay with that. That it’s not about me. So sometimes I still write about some careless boy who almost broke me, because he didn’t know who he was yet. Because he was broken, grasping pieces from anyone who seemed whole, and walking away as though he never touched me at all. Took me a long time to get over that. I gave you more credit than you deserved, I wanted you to still be good. That was easier than admitting you never were at all. We are very different people. I learned that the hard way. You were quick to throw me under the bus, point your finger my way, as if I had a hand in ruining you. You did that all on your own. My hands are clean. Yours are filthy. I’ve consoled others after me that you grabbed pieces from, tried to assure them that they’re worthy, after you made them feel like they never mattered. I know the feeling. Full circle, or karma.. I don’t know. I only know for sure that I was never the problem. I was never the crazy one in the story you so loved to tell. And neither was she or she or she. Isn’t it funny how time reveals patterns and lessons and truth and lies. So I write about it sometimes just to remind myself that I am good and worthy and so much more than the way you reduced me. I write about it to show how anyone can rise from the hardest fall. I’m living proof that anyone can survive a hell like you and come back stronger, wiser, and still burn beautiful.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry


Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

The Space Between

Somewhere in the space between where my right mind lingers and my wrong mind dives, there’s a place that is nothing other than a daze of blank pages. And it is there where everything is empty. Everything is empty. And sometimes that’s worse than the dark when everything slopes down into the lowest of lows and sometimes it’s worse than when everything is spinning into the highest of highs. Because it’s just nothing. And even though it’s nothing, it hurts like the sky fell down. It hurts like I carry it always. It hurts like I do not know how to put it down. And trust me when I say…. it hurts like it’s only me who can save me, knowing I cannot save me. Somewhere between my right mind and my wrong mind.. there’s a space that is so empty, it’s the heaviest thing in the world. But I carry it.. because there’s no other choice. I am here. I am now. And more often than not, this world weighs so fucking much. I hold it anyway. Sometimes I pretend it’s light and sometimes I smile.

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry


Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

Obstructed View

If I have ever loved you, if there was a time when I had an unobstructed view of you on the stage of this thing we call life, cheering you on from the front row, just know, that will never change. Even if now you cannot see me anymore in the front, cheering the loudest.. I am still offering my best applause from a different seat in the back. And please know that I am still cheering louder than those in the front, that I am still your biggest fan, hoping the best for you and my eyes are still wide open, watching for your name in spotlights one day, fingers crossed, smile as wide as the sky… I still know for sure you’re going to make it; I still cross my heart on it. And most of all, know that if I have ever loved you, if I have ever called you friend, I still do and I always will, even if we didn’t make it, I still do.

From a view that may be obstructed now, I still see you. Love, your biggest fan.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry


Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

Dare You To Just Be

I know the world molded you to be hard, taught you how to always wear that brave face, where heaven forbid you ever let emotions slip out. I know this life told you to be strong, no matter what, even when you are broken on the inside, don’t you dare show it on the outside. I know. I know. I know all about it. But some lessons are meant to break, some things are better off once we find the courage to unlearn them, and sometimes we don’t really find out who we are until we break out of who the world said we should be and just finally be. So, go on. Just feel whatever you feel, let it fall however it wants, let it spill for once and from now on as ugly as it wants to and as beautiful as you are. I dare you to just be you. Drop the stereotypes, shred the labels. We do not need those anymore.