Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

FB Help

If anyone feels like doing me a quick favor by going to “report a problem” under FB settings to inquire: 👇

Please advise why

was removed? And if it’s coming back.

I would appreciate it! I’m not sure where my reports go, but they don’t show in support inbox through page manager or FB. I’ve never heard anything from FB regarding Raging Rhetoric being removed or why or if it’s coming back.

I only know that my personal profile is banned from certain things for 50+ more days and my Facebook .Com/poetryofsl page is restricted until Sunday afternoon- both because of the profile pic the hacker posted on Aug 30, which was the isis flag- and when my account came back on Monday- the pic was flagged again I guess.

Anyway- I would appreciate it if you could just copy/paste the inquiry above into a report, so maybe I could know more or if it’s coming back at all.



PS: I know the link shows broken. But that’s the page link for the report. Thanks


Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

Facebook Craziness

While Raging Rhetoric shows up now in an internet search, I have a block against my profile and two pages for the isis flag post by the hacker. But it does appear that FB has finally taken care of the hacker issue for real this time. So I’ll take it. Not sure how long the block is on my pages, but I think it’s until the October 11. We’ll see. I’ll update again tomorrow.

Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry



Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

FB Fail

So after a month, my original fb profile that was disabled after I was hacked, finally came back out of the blue on Monday. My page: is still not back up and I have never received an explanation from fb about it. My other page: is down until October 11 because it has limits on it now for posts that go against community standards.

It’s a no-Brainer that the posts being reviewed for community standards are the posts made by the hacker that I have reported for over a month. 🤔

Meanwhile- the post that was put on my personal profile just before it was disabled went against community standards. I requested a review- fb reviewed it in 3 minutes and told me it definitely was against community standards.

But they cannot read reported and get the hacker out of my pages.



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Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

Take the Ending

Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry


Keep Going. #stephaniebennetthenry #ragingrhetoric

Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

Go Meet Yourself

It’s okay to walk away from who you thought you were to go meet who you are becoming. #stephaniebennetthenry #ragingrhetoric