Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

Beauty of My Downpour

Please understand, I will never be sorry for feeling everything so deeply, it cracks my heart, splits my bones, and leaves me in pieces of a mess no one is brave enough to approach. This storm of me is not for everyone, but it is mine and I refuse to apologize for the beauty of my downpour. -Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

Your Stars

Find whatever it is that fills your soul with stars, and when those stars fall, there will be people who wait to catch a glimpse of your dreams to bask in the glow of your smile, and there will be some who scatter from the sparks of your light, because it burns a hole through their dark. Keep the ones who see your lightning but never run for cover when they hear your thunder, and watch out for ones who curse your stars for their own wishes that never did come true. Stephanie Bennett-Henry #stephaniebennetthenry #ragingrhetoric

Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

Unbreakable Crown

Your fall was only preparation to show that your crown can hit the hardest of bottoms, but still never even crack. -Stephanie Bennett-Henry #stephaniebennetthenry #ragingrhetoric

Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

Call Me By My Name

They call me a mermaid and I say, “call me a warrior, with my spine like steel, my wingspan wider than the universe, my crown like my heart that bends but never breaks… call me a warrior, for I fly and swim through land and sea. Listen for the roar in my throat, my battlecry, my heart, my wounds that scar over. I wear each one like a medal, as a reminder that I have fallen and many times I’ve drowned, but never have I ever stayed down. -Stephanie Bennett-Henry #stephaniebennetthenry #ragingrhetoric

Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry


Sometimes we make homes out of monsters, and fear ends up being the door that’s locked, the key that’s lost, the person we used to know, but don’t anymore. And that’s a long road back, when you search for yourself in everyone and everything before you find home in your own eyes. But when you do, you will recognize yourself by the way the peace in your own smile makes a shelter from your heart and it beats a welcome mat across your soul: home sweet home. #stephaniebennetthenry

Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

The Knife

The person who stabbed you in the back is the one telling everyone they never did and you are just crazy, but don’t forget the one who held the knife is smearing blood on whoever will listen, because their hands feel clean that way. So they keep telling people to make it look like they would never touch a knife, rip a soul, be a liar. Most people don’t like to admit that, you know. That they broke someone and then threw them away, moved on to the next, and the next and the next. Those are the ones who will constantly be stating their case, reversing the pain, turning the tables. Those are the ones who feel so guilty that they act like they never held the knife at all. So it must’ve been you. And they make themselves the victim. Well so be it. But your blood will always stain their hands. That’s why they feel too guilty to lay it to rest. That’s why they keep the conversation going… to make sure you still bleed.

And all those whispers feel like the times he touched you, the time he stopped, and the time he discarded you and got someone new to spin the lies to.

And you’re either going to bleed out or walk away and forget they exist. Choose wisely. ✌🏻


Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

Big Dreams

Hello, Loves!

The words you see on this page, the passion I put into each one, and the passion I put into Raging Rhetoric as well: this is my dream. Always has been. Since before I can even remember, these words have been spinning around, simmering for a place to plant themselves and call it home. I’m not quite there yet, but it feels like this is home sometimes. Me and my big dreams. I never was able to dream small. I’m usually the one standing back in the shadows, observing someone else chasing dreams. I’ve never really been that brave person who basks in the spotlight of much. But I have been trying different things this year to overcome certain fears, stepping away from my comfort zone. I have done a few things in the past year, behind the scenes, that I haven’t talked about yet. But when I do, you’ll be the first to know. ❤️

Sometimes this is a discouraging field to be in… a writer, a poet.. a starving artist. Starving artist is the perfect title for me and other people who do this. We are chasing dreams out of passion, while knowing most writers/poets are poor as dirt. Even the ones with book after book. People don’t buy books like they used to and sometimes I wonder if the blood, sweat and tears I am spilling into my debut book and the other 3-4 books I have planned is going to be all for nothing. Of course I know it won’t be all for nothing, because these words inside.. they never stop and they need a place to land. But I know I’m not the only one who thinks… what if my book is the exception? What if my book wakes up the poetry world once again? Miracles happen right? It’s scary sometimes to dream of something your whole life, and finally be at the place where it’s going to play out soon. I’ve always only seen two ways: all in or all out, perfection or failure. I’ve been working on seeing what lies just along the middle. It’s hard sometimes to see the in between.
But I’m looking and I’m trying. I know there are so many of you who have been on this journey with me from the beginning and maybe even some who have been here at the very beginning when I started Raging Rhetoric. Thank you for that. I’ve come a long way since then. I have been working on my first book, I have started a company from Raging Rhetoric, and I have big plans for that in the future. I’ll announce that when it happens. ♥️

I appreciate everyone who is here every single day with me, every person here who reads my words and takes the time to comment and message me. It really makes my day to hear your stories and to know my words have helped someone feel less alone, or be more encouraged. That’s why I’m on this journey. My whole heart is in it, for as long as it takes, I am both feet in with all of you. Thank you for being here.

I hope one day to be able to support myself from doing this. I want to make a career from my passion, make a living from the way my heart keeps splitting itself open and spilling words. I know that’s a far fetched view sometimes, but a girl can still dream big, right? So I will.

I have a few artist/writer friends who suggested that I try Patreon. I was reluctant, but hey, I’m trying to be more brave and step out of my own comfort zones. I’m reaching the hardest I’ve ever reached for my dreams.
I would love your support. It would really mean so much to me. If you can do $5.00 a month, or whatever you’re able to, it would help me so much. If you’re not able to, it’s okay and I still love all of you regardless. My page will always remain the same. I write these words to heal, and share them in hopes they heal you or change you in some way. If you are able to help and would like to support this journey of mine:


I am so thankful and so lucky to have each of you here every day and every night. You have no idea how much it means to know that you believe in me. I have the deepest love for all of you and I mean that with all of my heart. ❤️♥️
Thanks for taking the time to read my work and thanks for reading this! If you want to contribute and are able to do so, you’re an angel and I appreciate it very much!

My goal is to eventually have 500 Patrons. I know it will take a while to reach that goal, but that’s okay. I’ll be here, pouring words out, hoping they find a good place to land, and when they land, I hope to god that somehow you are changed for the better. ♥️

You, my friends, are my whole heart for my whole life. I am here because of you and I will never forget that.


Stephanie 💜

stephaniebennetthenry #ragingrhetoric