Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

This Is For You

If you’re having one of those days, sitting in that place again, where you feel worthless, insignificant and small, this is for you. I see you. I’ve been in that place many times before. I know it’s not an easy door to walk through and I know there’s rarely any visitors. But I see you, and I wish you could see yourself in the same light, larger than life, shining in your dark, bright enough to light the whole sky. I see you. You are not invisIble, you did not go unnoticed, you are worth so much. I need you. Your dark, your light, your emptiness, all of you. Whether you are here in pieces, or still whole, come here. You matter. All of us are just one, big puzzle, searching for the right pieces to fill our emptiness, soften our edges, speak to the void we hold so tight. Maybe some of my pieces fit perfectly across your cracks, maybe some of your pieces are the exact shape of the scars I bear that will not heal. Come here. With all that you are and all that I’m not, I need you, and there’s someone else, sitting in that same place, who needs you too. Open the door, come out with your pieces. Let’s teach each other how to be whole.

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry


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