Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry


Let’s talk about your comeback. All the times you fell and got back up. Let’s talk about the lessons. All the hurt you turned into healing.  Let’s talk about the version of you that you haven’t met yet, and all the versions of you that helped you get to where you are now.  Let’s talk about your survival, all the things that were sent to break you, and you barely even flinched. Let’s talk about how beautiful it is that the ugliest parts of your story are what taught you grace.  Let’s talk about all of the times you doubted yourself, How you used the pieces of those moments to build yourself back up  into the most certain thing you’ve ever known. You dove straight into the chaos and came out holding nothing but peace. You, unbreakable beauty, strong and fierce and brave, I see you and every version of you that carried you to where you are now, I see all of you. Lets talk about how far you’ve come and how you’re still standing.
-Stephanie Bennett-Henry

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