Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

Take This Map

You remind me of myself several years ago. An untarnished version of me, so innocent, before the world took me by the throat and tried to bleed the good out. I look in your eyes and see the softest parts of me, before I had to gather all the stones thrown and fill the cracks, before I learned to stop walking on eggshells and pick them up and throw them instead. You remind me of myself with your heart so full of everything good and your hands full of dreams so big, you can barely carry them sometimes. I hope you never put them down, because even if you don’t know it yet, they do come true. You remind me of someone I used to be, and although that’s not who I am anymore, I remember wanting nothing more than for someone to come along and give me a sign, tell me which path to take, or perhaps give me a warning of ones to avoid.

You’re doing great, babe. Remember to believe in yourself and keep the soft, no matter what. No one has the power to harden you. And remember, all that love you’re searching for… you have to find it in yourself, so don’t forget to look there first. Know your worth and don’t forget it. No one gets to determine your worth other than you. No one. Ever.

And just in case you have no sense of direction and get lost easily like I once did, just remember: everything you’re searching for is already inside of you; Home is you. No matter what.

Home is you.

I hope this reaches you in time.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry


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