Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

Call My Name

Call my name

when you see something beautiful,

like a sky with a song

or a storm that follows you home.

Call my name

when the words drop,

when the music stops,

when the meaning

of the song

grabs hold of your soul,

and feeds you your heart.

Call my name

when the sun rises,

when you can’t stop looking,

when the view is worth

a picture

and the picture has

a thousand words

to write home about.

Call my name

when you cry for no reason

other than the way

something beautiful

rips your heart out

and you know

I would cry with you.

Call my name

when you write a story

in your head

before you put it to paper,

and call my name

when you have to change

the ending

because the story of us

didn’t end beautiful.

Call my name

when your heart breaks,

when my song plays,

when you start dancing

to only the words

and nothing makes sense

but everything does

and you sway back and forth

to the meaning

that was always written

in my eyes,

if only you had looked in time.

Call my name

for old times sake,

as I throw the music

back to the words.

Call my name

one last time;

my song is too loud

to hear you.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry


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