Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

Until We Meet Again

How beautiful

that you lived this life

no matter how short,

no matter how long,

so intentional

and even when it wasn’t,

you were still able to walk into

every room, grab the light,

pull it close and hold it

along with the attention of

every heart in the room.

And all the eyes would search

your light, eager to dance

in your glow, ready to be close

to that smile. And I swear,

your smile alone is what made

the sun set and rise.

How beautiful

that you would make an exit

as breathtaking

as your entrance,

showing the end of your song,

but the beginning of your flight

and we all watch

your journey home.

Some say this is the end,

but most of us know

this is only the beginning

of a new journey.

Fly out. Fly in. Fly away.

Your spirit will stay

Your spirit will go

And now the sky has a new angel

watching over us.

Until we meet again, friend.

Now go show the sky how to dance.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry


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