Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

Obstructed View

If I have ever loved you, if there was a time when I had an unobstructed view of you on the stage of this thing we call life, cheering you on from the front row, just know, that will never change. Even if now you cannot see me anymore in the front, cheering the loudest.. I am still offering my best applause from a different seat in the back. And please know that I am still cheering louder than those in the front, that I am still your biggest fan, hoping the best for you and my eyes are still wide open, watching for your name in spotlights one day, fingers crossed, smile as wide as the sky… I still know for sure you’re going to make it; I still cross my heart on it. And most of all, know that if I have ever loved you, if I have ever called you friend, I still do and I always will, even if we didn’t make it, I still do.

From a view that may be obstructed now, I still see you. Love, your biggest fan.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry


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