Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

Dare You To Just Be

I know the world molded you to be hard, taught you how to always wear that brave face, where heaven forbid you ever let emotions slip out. I know this life told you to be strong, no matter what, even when you are broken on the inside, don’t you dare show it on the outside. I know. I know. I know all about it. But some lessons are meant to break, some things are better off once we find the courage to unlearn them, and sometimes we don’t really find out who we are until we break out of who the world said we should be and just finally be. So, go on. Just feel whatever you feel, let it fall however it wants, let it spill for once and from now on as ugly as it wants to and as beautiful as you are. I dare you to just be you. Drop the stereotypes, shred the labels. We do not need those anymore.


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