Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

FB Fail

So after a month, my original fb profile that was disabled after I was hacked, finally came back out of the blue on Monday. My page: http://Facebook.com/ragingrhetoric is still not back up and I have never received an explanation from fb about it. My other page: http://Facebook.com/poetryofsl is down until October 11 because it has limits on it now for posts that go against community standards.

It’s a no-Brainer that the posts being reviewed for community standards are the posts made by the hacker that I have reported for over a month. 🤔

Meanwhile- the post that was put on my personal profile just before it was disabled went against community standards. I requested a review- fb reviewed it in 3 minutes and told me it definitely was against community standards.

But they cannot read reported and get the hacker out of my pages.



#facebook #facebooksecurity #facebookbusinesspages

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