Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

Fun Facebook Facts

Facebook doesn’t offer email or phone support. But they have hundreds of reporting options in place.

If your Facebook account gets hacked, you can report that to them and they will help you secure your Account.


If your account has been hacked, your account has likely been disabled permanently, so when you try to report it, Facebook will let you know that your account has been permanently disabled. So, basically if your FB account is hacked, despite two step code authentication, and despite login alerts and super crazy long passwords, you are screwed. There is no help whatsoever from Facebook. And if you have business accounts attached to your Facebook profile that was disabled, you are even more screwed.

Own a business? So. Fb has articles letting people know how to claim a business page that isn’t theirs. And do they ask for ID or proof? Well, I don’t know. I’ve never stolen a business page from someone.

If you are reporting something to FB, there is not a person on the other side reading your reports. It’s automated.

I’ll let you know if my certified letter sent to Facebook gets any action or response at all.

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