Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

Dear Facebook

While I’m completely locked out of FB now with no access to my business pages, I have learned that every time you have a FB profile and business pages, you have to provide identity so that FB can make sure you are the page owner and to keep the FB community safe. So, what Identification did the hackers provide in order to access my pages, change page roles, and take over in order to post videos for money?

Anyone ?


I’ve always had the two step code authentication by the way. That didn’t protect me from this. I have passwords so long and difficult, I have them written in a notebook and have to get the notebook to log in. I have a code sent to me on my phone in order to log in. But I didn’t get anything when the hackers logged into my account and took over my pages.

Now any account I create gets disabled. I’m starting to think that FB thinks I’m the hacker of my own pages.


3 thoughts on “Dear Facebook”

  1. I’m so sorry lady. I’m pissed. I’ve made several reports too and they’ve done nothing for you. It’s so ridiculous I can’t even think straight.

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  2. The question of how they did it is important, or should be, to everyone who uses Face Book. There must be many more people this is happening to. And, if they can do it to FB pages, it is likely possible on all of the FB empire.


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