Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

When the Sky Fell

I wanted to tell you 

that I have never felt so lost before. 

Not a feeling as though I am not sure 

where I’m going anymore, 

but an utter, detrimental void inside 

that makes me fear how deep 

this emptiness goes. 

And I don’t want to know exactly 

how deep it goes, because I’m sure 

I have seen the bottom many times 

before and to actually go below that 

scares the shit out of me. 

I wanted to tell you so many things. 

But you stopped asking 

when you stopped caring 

and I died a hundred times already 

in the shadow of your turned back. 

It’s the coldest place I’ve ever been, 

maybe the lowest bottom was there 

in your silence, when everything 

I ever knew changed like the day 

changes into night. 

The sky fell.  

All the stars did too. 

And I once had wishes up there, 

saved for the perfect moment. 

It hurts how fast those wishes disappear 

when the whole sky falls 

and I jump to go with it. 

I wanted to tell you 

that I have never felt so lost before. 

But I turned around 

and you were gone forever. 

Just like the sky 

and everything it ever held. 

I carry it still. 

It’s the heaviest thing 

I have ever been unable 

to let go of. 

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry 


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