Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry

I Know You

You don’t know me, but you do. I don’t know you, but I am you. Maybe we have never met, but we are the same. I know you. I have walked in your shoes at times and yes, you have also tried mine on a time or two, walked the same path, felt the way it hurts when those shoes become uncomfortable as we outgrow pair after pair. This path… love, this path… it’s not always smooth, is it? Sometimes it gets a little rough, cracks and crumbles along the middle, and other times, it breaks, like an earthquake showing up to say, “go the other way” just before that path falls out from under you and you fall too. I have fallen like that, face first into lessons I never wanted to learn, but I learned. Feels like being force fed lessons found in my own medicine sometimes and aren’t those always the ones we spit out a hundred times before we finally give in long enough to taste the pain? And it hurts to swallow down the understanding that swims in the pill of our reflections, but refusing it only makes the path a lot longer. It’s easy to get lost there, hard to be found there. That’s why we are here though. Walking the same paths, learning from each other, sharing lessons, like lending shoes as we outgrow them. You can borrow mine. Maybe they’re well worn and tattered, but I promise… they will fit you perfectly, long enough for this part of the journey. Try them on. I left secrets inside from the time I was on that same journey, and perhaps you can learn some shortcuts from my mistakes, as I learn from yours. I will meet you at the crossing. You’ll know me when you see me, for I will be wearing the pain you once wore and I swear to god, I will make it beautiful, the same way you make mine look beautiful. Nice to meet you. I’ve waited my whole life to see my pain in your eyes and I never knew until now… how to wear these lessons like a lifeline that saves us all. Thank you for showing me. -Stephanie Bennett-Henry #stephaniebennetthenry #ragingrheoric Photo by: Anja Stiegler

Photo by: Anja Stiegler

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