Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry, Uncategorized

Beaks of Birds

To the person who loved your heart like it was the one reason that gave color to the sky, only to be the same person who brought that sky to its knees in pieces laying colorless, where gray stays gray forever, and even the stars throw their own shine away, like a piece of trash that never got it right anyway… to that person.. if your eyes met theirs once again.. what would you say, love?

Tell me, what would you say? Would you break all over again or would you say, “fuck you” loud enough to flip the universe into sharp edges that circle the sun long enough to light that mother fucker up again until the sky speaks your name softly from the beaks of birds who just remembered they never did stop flying. Even in the dark, they were soaring through gray, flames on their wings borrowed from that heart of yours, lighting a fire under the sun and calling you home through the only song that ever set the world on fire to shine on your face again as credits roll under spotlights and stars fall holding wishes birthed from you.

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry


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