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Beauty Applauded

All that makes me beautiful, each part that makes me… Me, is never anything you can see. Close your eyes, it’s not found in the picture. A picture says a thousand things, stories that lie in all their honesty, unfolding a moment in time that says, see me, know me, remember me when I was smiling like this, the way my eyes lit up once upon a time. There’s more the picture doesn’t say. The hidden parts of a story the eye cannot know. The best parts, the worst, it’s never in the picture, but the heart. Can you see it? It’s unfiltered, breathtaking, the most honest view you could ever be lucky enough to look at… but looking is nothing if you don’t see it, learn it. Know someone like that. Tear the filter off your own eyes that cover the view of all you perceive to matter the most. Take the blindfold off, it only suffocates the ego you think you don’t have. You want to be true and real and raw? Strip yourself down and show me your heart, unfiltered where the colors of your light can only be true there. That’s where beautiful exists. It’s not the temporary beauty borrowed from the light that hits your face just right. It’s not the smile in the picture that may be lying through perfect teeth. It’s your heart, undeniable and incomparable to anyone else. It’s only yours. Don’t hand it out and then apologize for the way it breaks. Even in pieces, it’s beautiful. Even in pieces, you are beautiful, thanks to that heart of yours, and all those cracks, taking me to my knees, stealing my breath with an honest view of everything that ever mattered. I will always applaud that kind of beauty. I will never apologize for my heart.

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry


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