Like My Legs

I came out of it squeaky clean, still scathed from wounds that eat me alive, and yes, I still call them by name. They still never answer, as though I don’t exist, like they never made me bleed and tasted it, saw it on the bed sheets seeping a cry not known. But here I am, as clean as it gets. As clean as I will ever be. Because I still have these cracks where you were once inside deep, when I was worth it, when I was worth it. Then I became empty and I will stay here, so I can feel the way the cracks spread wide like my legs once did.

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry



2 thoughts on “Like My Legs

  1. I immediately thought of these lines from Bob Dylan’s “Restless Farewell”.

    “And the dirt of gossip blows into my face
    And the dust of rumors covers me”

    To be clean of the opinions and judgments of others, or one other, that is good.

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