Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry, Uncategorized

The Glow

So, go. Go on and glow with that smile

of yours showing magic how to be and

those eyes of yours that never stop

hitting me like a hammer making sure

the feeling is nailed in hard. Well done.

Perfected without any effort, I am rolled

over into all that ever was, falling

through the last ledge of my own pieces,

I have finally crumbled.

Succumbing to the road’s end, where it is

only a straight path, lined with crooked

signs, one way, and road blocks that

say your name. I am crashing through each

one, lead-foot, pedal to the floor,

windows down, throwing caution out,

and I hear the wind sing as it catches

all these notes I cannot sing anyway.

Breaking the fall of the loss with its

teeth, clenched tight around the wings

that never flew, throw me to the flames;

ashes blow from where I never grew.

I still see the glow.

I still see the glow.

Take me to the place where that glow

is only a light in the distance that

never held magic;

tying my hands,

ripping my heart.

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry


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