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Keep Playing

I never told you the way my eyes turn to different shades for you. Colors mix together to blind the sun, I lose my focus and I am filtered over like a shimmer covering the blue. Cloud my gaze to a color black I can see through. Spins the universe. Drops my heart. Shows me a sky that holds a heaven where all the stars I ever wished on are just inside and everything is perfect. Like a masterpiece that cannot be touched by anyone. Only the music. The orchestra plays. The world falls deaf at my feet and I hear nothing other than the sound of beautiful, if beautiful could talk, it would use your lips. It would Sing a song that wakes the world and drops everything all at once just to make sure everyone gets a chance to hear you. All is right in the world again, even if only for a few blind minutes, there is something worth believing in again… keep playing. It heals me until the blue comes back to focus again and the music stops with everything else.. keep playing, keep playing … until I blind the sun again, until the universe spins again, until my heart drops again…and stays and stays and stays… only as long as the music plays… so play…. when it stops, it never really does because I memorized the notes, hear it in my mind like Braille stole the idea from your eyes so I could feel it when the music stops.. when the music stops, I still hear it. Plays inside like a swirl I borrowed from the sky before it fell, I feel it permanent. I feel it like the sun branded me just before it went blind, but it was worth it. Because the music… the music never stops even if you play for someone else and especially if you play for someone else.. I feel it for all its perfection ripping through my veins with that Braille from your eyes… it always wakes me to remind me not to die.. and I live in spite of myself and despite all else.. so I don’t lose the music.. so I don’t lose the sound, so I don’t lose you.. keep playing.. I need the music to stay. I saved a place where music never leaves. I saved a place to die but stay alive. Keep playing.

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry


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