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You Move Me

You move me and I don’t think I have ever said that about anyone before. But you move me in a way that tears my skin open just enough to pull at my heart hard with gentle hands, brings it out to see how eyes can bleed with passion in the most beautiful shades. You move me in a way that teaches my heart how to beat and mean it, like proving there is purpose in this life despite all the times I have been blind to the meaning in my own story. You move me into rewriting the way I see things with my own eyes, as though looking into yours taught me something valuable that I carry with me now. You move me into seeing my own cup is just as full as anyone’s, and maybe it was never empty. You move me in a way that shows me there is always a bright side as long as I step out of my dark. You move me with the way you take life by the throat, kiss it straight on the mouth and say thank you as you capture sunsets with your name, while never failing to pay it forward to show someone else where their name shines too. You move me in a way that floods my eyes with the good tears that can’t help but flow out to catch a glimpse of your smile. Like a river that never stops trying to come out of its banks to find something bigger like the ocean’s waves that never stop dancing. The waves constantly try to be better than the day before because they cannot wait for the moment the sun rises to spotlight the dance of the water like an applause that lasts all day. Then the sun touches down, glimmers across the surface with a kiss that says thank you for being here. That’s how you move me. With your heart leading the way for anyone who needs it, the way you really mean it, giving without hesitation even if you don’t have it. I’m pretty sure that means you’re nothing less than a hero who doesn’t need a cape to prove it. Just the passion painted in your eyes, your smile that saves the world, and that heart of yours that I swear looks like heaven, autographed by God’s hands. That’s how you move me.

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry


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