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We don’t always come back from everything. Sometimes the hit is too hard, knocks us down enough to take the wind right out of our soul, getting up is easier said than done. I stand on legs that forgot how to keep going, my heart… it sings a lot, but doesn’t remember how to dance, it skips beats enough to exist but leaves out the part about living. Sometimes that’s the worst way to go. But I want to go… just anywhere as long as it’s not here, I’ve outlived my stay. Exhausted from the routine, scared of the change, stuck in the pull between my heart and my mind. I go blank sometimes. Forget where I wanted to go, lost my dreams along the way or maybe they lost me. Sometimes I think I will meet them somewhere halfway between here and there in a place far away. I’ll change my name, create someone different, be who I wanted to be. I’ll have it all figured out when I get there as long as I get there, and my fear is that I never will. That this is all.. here and now… but I can’t say it out loud.. I don’t want to hear the way it sounds when it’s spoken, because maybe that will make it true, and I don’t want it to be true. I don’t want this to be true. I want to wake up different, go to sleep somewhere else, dream in a different town…

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry


3 thoughts on “Anywhere”

  1. [sigh] If I could reinvent myself, who would I be, and where? What would I choose, or would it be driven by circumstance and in the past? I don’t know, except that tomorrow is {thank you} not yet written.

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