Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry, Uncategorized

Over and Out

This is that slow crawling mid-point of life where you’re not going anywhere. It can’t get worse and you’ve come to terms with the fact that there’s no way to better, so what do you do with that? Just live it out? Just sit in a chair and look out the fucking window, because maybe a pretty bird will show itself and make your day? Who knows anyway. Maybe this is the downhill. Feels like it. Existing until I don’t anymore. Or write this shit down like it’s gonna change the world or even my day. Another day in paradise and it’s fucking cloudy. Nothing new to report other than the traffic in Downtown Houston, a phone call I’m trying to pretend didn’t happen and in case you didn’t know, everything has a fucking price. Everything. So, if you’re holding your beauty like a ribbon that’s always gonna look cute, you better untie that shit and look again. You don’t get it back when you lose it and no one gives a shit if your heart is pretty or not. That’s all for today. Maybe tomorrow, shit can really hit the fan and I’ll be here, same place as always to tell you all about how it fucking sucks.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry


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