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Picture Perfect Proof

I picture us together having coffee and conversations that never seem to end because they mean something, even if it’s something small. I see us in my thoughts, as clear as I have ever seen anything before, and god… it’s beautiful. Picture perfect in a way that makes me question every detail as if maybe it’s too good to be true. I wonder sometimes if I have made you up, if I let my mind run a little too wild through the day dreaming. I pinch myself constantly. But the proof is in the way my cheeks ache from smiling, and you did that. I have no doubts about you and these feelings that shake me to the very core of a part of myself I never knew existed. You gathered the parts of me that were hidden away in the dark and you gave them light until they came to life. It’s like meeting the person I always wanted to be. I never thought to look in someone else’s eyes to find me, but I saw your heart there, and all the stories that had never been read were waiting for me. The pieces of myself I thought were lost or the ones that never came to life; they were there, you kept them safe all this time. And the pieces you’ve been searching for to find yourself, I have them here in my heart. I have kept them safe. Even if we didn’t know whose pieces we were holding so gently, we do now.It was all for this, for us, and all these moments we share that have brought us to life. They say you only live once, but this feels like a second chance that was meant for us to take together. It feels like seeing in color for the first time after living half a life blind. I see everything now. I picture us laughing so much we cry, crying until we laugh. I picture us staying in bed all day reading books and holding hands, playing our favorite songs and singing along. Staring at each other for no other reason than the way our hearts pound when our eyes meet, kissing each other with enough passion to start fires in our bones. Watching the sunrise, watching the sunset, staring at the moon together and naming our own stars. I imagine us laying awake at night, giggling for no reason, telling each other secrets and dreams and fears. I see us waking up together without a care in the world other than making each other smile. I picture us, with our hearts bigger than the world, living.. really living, chasing our dreams hand in hand and believing in each other so much, nothing ever brings us down. I see us. And I know now how it’s supposed to be. I hope you see it too.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry


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