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Hallelujah Sings

We never kissed, our lips made love like they were inventing passion again and again, until we reinvented the meaning several times over, tongues dancing as though hallelujah raised its hands from our throats to sing with all its heart like the words were being written in that moment for the first time. It was ours. This territory of us and all we had become, another soul has never touched it. I promise you that. Indescribable feelings lingering between us, rendering us speechless, but words pouring from our bodies like skin against skin telling secrets in the language of us. I never understood anything more clearly than the way my back didn’t arch, but heaven tugged at my hips to give him a taste he couldn’t get enough of until the devil shook my knees like sin was the sweetest discovery. Honey on his lips, and hands in my hair like the only lifeline he believed in, his soul entered mine as though we both discovered the meaning of home in each other’s eyes, and we knew we would never look away. He laid a welcome mat across my body like he was crossing his heart with my heart and our eyes made promises we knew would never lie. Sealed in the glistening, limbs intertwined like a pinky promise to never let go, we stayed in that moment of knowing where we belonged. It started with hallelujah thick on our lips. It started with bringing heaven down. It started with him kissing me like he was building a home from my heart, and he’s the only forever my heart believes in.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry


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