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You are the time in my life where I truly understand the meaning of bittersweet. Such a perfect sweetness to the way you live and love, the hellos you said and the mornings you made beautiful without even trying. You made me want to live again. You made me want to breathe in every single moment and taste it so much, I couldn’t wait for the next. You helped me appreciate little things like coffee in the mornings and hugs I never wanted to end. I think I counted the freckles on your face a hundred times, made wishes on each one while you kissed me with your eyes wide open. Your hand never lost sight of mine, even in the middle of the night while you were sound asleep. I’m not even sure you know the way you woke up several times a night to lean over and kiss my shoulder or my forehead or my cheek, but it was so beautiful. I am positive I fell in love with you more than a dozen times a day over those indescribable moments of you. The way you laugh is so contagious and the smile in your eyes when you do something you love… I wish you could see it through my eyes. I wish you could see all of you through my eyes. Then you would finally understand why I tell you you’re beautiful. You held every door open for me. I can’t even begin to describe all the ways that make you amazing, but you are what dreams are made of, and this was not a dream at all. It was you being you and I am lucky to have been a part of those moments, no matter how long. I carry those pieces with me everywhere I go to remind me what it’s like to love life, breathe it in, and taste it, while saving room for the next moment I can breathe in even deeper than before. I’ve never laughed like that with someone, never felt so completely comfortable in my whole life as I did with you. You made me question so many things I thought I knew, like love, happiness, fate, friendship, and I don’t think I truly ever knew any of those things until you. The bitterness came when it was time to say goodbye and I never knew something could bite so hard. Teeth clenched around my heart like the end was taking me whether I liked it or not. Goodbye had me in a headlock that felt like a collision and it hasn’t let go yet. Head-on, I am still crashing into this ruin that is taking its time ripping me apart. I am broken. But broken or not, don’t ever doubt that I love you with all of my heart and more.

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry


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