Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry, Uncategorized


It never was an ordinary moment, but a million little things that kept saying yes, it’s you, yes, it’s me, it is us… come closer. I want to see the words swimming through your eyes. I want to hear the sweet poetry circling your tongue like the lyrics written in those lines on your hands, gentle as I’ve ever seen, but stronger than the steel walls we were both once buried behind. Your heart busting through my own chest, I thought it was mine, beating inside my throat, I have so much to say to you. It’s about the butterflies inside, the way they remind me how lucky I am to feel the flutter of their wings, and I can fly now with your hand in mine. It’s about those hands, the way they never held mine without anything less than everything, even when I would’ve taken anything. It’s the moments like that. When I have no expectations at all, yet you blow me away by giving me every single piece of you, broken or not, and then you give more. It’s the way you love me. Like tearing the whole sky apart to bring me a sunrise or making a snow angel because I’ve never seen one before. I have never been loved like that. Like the universe depends on your heart for lessons and it makes me want to bow down to your parents and thank them for you, because you are the example humanity should take note of. There’s a million things and I can’t even use Poetry to rightfully describe the way our hearts are meant to be synced for these moments, this life, this love. I only know that I never believed in anything until our hearts crashed into each other and never looked back, except to say,

“This… Love… Is…. Infinite…”

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry


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