Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry, Uncategorized

Chapter One

It’s excruciating

the way you love me.

Soul crushing

down to the bare boned,

ripped open raw part

never been to this place

where walking into the light

is too beautiful to turn back

and I die a little inside your eyes

inhale the feelings

until I am born again

Tangled up in your heartstrings

like freedom has wings

and my heart is gods throat

asking the sky for more rain

and there you are

drenching me with dreams

I never learned how to dream,

filling me with everything

I ever asked for

and everything I didn’t know

I needed.

The sky falls

my chest is hollowed out

the butterflies think they’re the thunder

my eyes sparkle brighter than lightning

my mouth still questions

what the hell is happening

and my voice only knows your name

Your hands

My hands

The puzzle

These pieces

The electricity

The magic

The perfect fit we never knew existed

The Writers

The friends

The line

The crossing

The love




The fate

The clock



Excruciating turns beautiful

Wanting becomes needing

Two friends

that became everything

The story we are still writing.

To be continued forever

like skin on skin

blooming into hearts

and growing

a love that was always meant to be;

starting now

at the beginning of us.

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry ©️2018


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