Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry, Uncategorized

Blood like Water

Time doesn’t heal anything

and the one thing I know for sure

is that I will never forgive you.

Cold as it sounds,

my dying breath or yours,

whichever comes first,

I will leave this world

the way you left me.

And I won’t feel a thing.

And I won’t be sorry.

I want you to know

how that feels.

Being dead inside

but forcing a smile.

Being dead inside

but choosing to keep

my shit together

just to beat you at your own game.

You think you’re at the top?

No… it’s in the blood.

You were at the top

until I knocked you down

and as much as I hope

you keep falling forever..

We both know who took the plunge.

But at least I took it for a reason.

At least I was willing to burn

for something that meant

everything to me.

Maybe I have nothing,

but you know what?

I have integrity

rooted in my spine

and to me,

that is everything.

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry


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