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Time with You

Midnight whispers my name

like a secret straight from your lips

and I know nothing now other than

your voice took the chill from the

loneliness that seeps into my bones;

here I am now so far from being alone.

1:00am is deep conversations that

I swear no one else has ever had.

Songs in my throat swirl around

like the butterflies I got when I was

looking into your eyes, and yes…

I keep pinching myself to make sure

this is real.. my cheeks hurt from this

smile that will not stop kissing my face

and it’s all your fault, love, for being

the one person who took the time

to look at me, learn me, see me.

2:00 is my heart tangled around yours,

listening to your voice ruin me with the

passion it brands into my spine and god,

I would gladly choke on your heart and

say I had the most perfect ending. But

2:00am is never where it ends for us.

3:00am is I want to be where you are.

Your voice is a serenade of brilliance

wrapped up tight with an intimacy that

we created ourselves, and your hands

feel like a lifeline sometimes, holding

me back from myself, into you like the

one place I was always supposed to be.

I feel you here even when you’re there;

mountains between us collapse and

we crash into each other so perfectly.

4:00 is a promise to meet in our dreams

when we close our eyes, and we go there

together hand in hand, finding the proof

of us there, before morning wakes us,

and you spend your day with me again,

until midnight rolls around to kiss me.

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry

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