Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry, Uncategorized

No Matter What 

My exit will be quiet, but strong like the light you shined for only me; The one that only I could see. Everyone else got the dim of you, the barely lit words that broke across the surface of your skin. I got the ones from your heart, dripping with the blood of all you ever felt, love. I felt each one as it slipped from your lips, you didn’t hold those in with that key for me. I picked that lock years ago. You told me I never had to knock again, that I was always invited into the deep of every wound whether it hurt or not. It was you and me. Everyone else locked out tight on the other side of the door they couldn’t see into. But it’s all different now. The lock is busted. They all ran inside, claiming the wounds I already healed with you. I’m on the other side now, carrying rocks to throw into your windows so I can be the one to really save you. But I never learned how to be on the other side, the uninvited stranger who knows you better than anyone else. I will leave the rocks on your doorstep to let you know I was here and I would never leave without saying goodbye. Like we always said; no matter what. These rocks are my promise, unbroken.  -Stephanie Bennett-Henry © 2017 

No Matter What

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