Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry, Uncategorized


You are an advocate for a cause, not for each person who deals with the cause you’re fighting for. You can speak for the cause from your own perspective, you can be a voice for your own experience, but don’t confuse it with right and wrong. Because when you take your own pain and wring it out hard enough to make sure everyone else can taste it, you are no longer advocating. You are no longer spreading awareness, love. You are still juggling your own pain, unsteady ground, your feet aren’t planted in the shoes of a survivor, but rather someone barely surviving. Take a rest. You can be a hero later. You can save everyone later. Right now, stop and take a breath; save yourself first. People can understand the pain on your path without having it smeared across their face to taste it; swallow it down. Let it be the lesson that makes you stronger so that one day you can indeed look back and say you survived all of this. You can look back and know you’re not what broke you, and just because you broke,doesn’t mean everyone else has to get cut with those edges; soften yourself. Sometimes we all have to let our own walls collapse and let others come in… I’ve been out here knocking for so long. It’s not wrong or right, it just is. Put down the armor, drop the sword. You don’t have to fight alone. You don’t have to fight for everyone else. Take a rest, quiet your heart… for once, let someone fight for you. Everyone isn’t who hurt you. Everyone isn’t who hurt you. Say it… Everyone is not who hurt me. 

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry

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