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Open Letter 

Open letter to anyone who calls themselves an “educator” or “Professor”:
If you are passionate about your job and what brought you there to begin with, don’t contribute to the funeral of what it’s becoming. Don’t stoop low into the downward spiral of forgetting what it’s all about. Your job isn’t to teach your feelings from a one sided perspective dipped in political absurdity. Your job isn’t to teach how to sink into the filthy waters of mind wars started by half-ass media outlets who lead the front lines. Your job is not to teach these students how to drown, but rather how to survive those waters with their own open mind. It’s about teaching the way to tread on both sides long enough to understand there is more than one side. If you are teaching one side, then you’re not teaching anything. If you are teaching literature and you choose a political article from the New York Times, you are not teaching literature. If you are presenting this as current events in the world and allowing an open debate on the perspective of both sides, then well done. 

But I can find a thousand better choices that are actually literature. English professors: your job is not to teach politics. Your job is not to teach headline news. Your job is not to teach propaganda. Your job is not to teach feelings based on your own opinion or the opinion of a NY Times journalist who thrives on bashing the country you live in. You are bashing your own country. Don’t call yourself a professor of English Literature if you choose to teach from a conquer and divide perspective because the media baited your mind with its propaganda war and won. 

Journalism is dead. College educators are following quickly into that six foot grave of “integrity once lived here.”  

Are you going to save it or watch it decay slowly? 

I’ve been baffled at the way the nation is so divided and how many people are simply uneducated about real world problems, because they are consumed with feelings 

and fighting wars in the streets that were fought already long ago. Now I know why. 

We send our kids to you, pay a hefty tuition in order for them to obtain a quality education. But that’s not what they’re getting. Instead they are being indoctrinated into this world of identity politics and psychology of hurt feelings, and how-to guides on throwing temper tantrums over problems that aren’t theirs to cry about. Teach literature. Take up your passion for “identity politics” as a hobby, and keep it out of the classroom or start issuing refunds to the kids who signed up to learn about literature.  


A Parent Who Refuses to Pay for that Garbage

2 thoughts on “Open Letter ”

  1. Stephanie

    Your poetry, writings, prose, ramblings or whatever you wish to call them by or describe them with are…..amazing. You ignite me and make me re-believe all of my own truths and desires.

    Thank you do much

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