Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry, Uncategorized


It’s important to listen. 
Listen wholeheartedly with an open mind, regardless of your own opinions or beliefs… just listen. The ground you are standing on cannot be solid if you have only heard your own perspective. So hear both sides to everything before you decide which is wrong or right. And when you make that decision, be able to explain what makes it wrong and what makes it right. It’s never just because. Be informed. Have conversations that challenge your thoughts. Debate something that’s out of your comfort zone.  Be kind. People have reasons for how they feel and what they believe in; learn those reasons. Understand. Agree to disagree. It’s your right to have an opinion and your freedom to voice it, but learn how to do it in a way that looks like a role model for humanity because it’s up to us to make this world beautiful. Let’s start by leaving a mark of kindness everywhere we go. So, let’s go. 

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry 

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