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The Spark is Mine 

I used to be clothed in a certain 

light that never stopped shining. 

From my heart to my throat, 

words warmed this voice just enough 

to ignite a smile or sometimes two. 

But it was genuine. 

It felt safe for once,

like all the fear fell 

away and melted around me into a puddle 

of glitter I could write my name in. 

But on some days, the glitter is gone, 

and I find myself standing in the cold. 

Thin as ice, the breaking cracks me nude, 

words as bare as my bones that broke 

into my heart a time or two. Or the silent 

whisper from my throat that has nothing 

left to say. I only know for certain now 

I’m just as cold without you as I was 

when the chill of you turned my spine 

into a dirty rag shoved in my throat 

to silence any spark my voice could 

muster.  I get it now. 

The smile I lost has nothing to do with you. 

This is my heart, my warmth, my shine.

It’s me who decides 

what makes me or breaks me. 

Kicking my feet through the sparkle 

of my own neon, I ignite my own fire.

Stand back.

I’m only responsible for myself

and the way I burn in my own light.

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry 

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