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Dead End Road 

All my life, 

they told me I was pretty; 

oh so pretty. 

But pretty is a one way road 

that runs out fast, 

and before you know it 

there’s a dead end in front of you

with nowhere to go. 

Roadblocks to the left, 

some more on the right, 

and pretty doesn’t give directions 

when you are searching for yourself. 

So I turned around. 

Headed back where I came from 

to look for that pretty girl

with stars in her eyes. 

I found her there

just as I remembered her, 

and I didn’t tell her 

she was pretty. 

I told her she was smart. 

I told her she was strong. 

I told her she was capable. 

I wanted her to know 

that her hands were filled 

with a world she hasn’t seen yet. 

I wanted her to know 

there was a song in her belly 

and a fire in her throat 

just waiting for her heart 

to light the blaze of her path. 

I wanted her to know 

those stars in her eyes 

would become wishes one day 

that would never fall, but fly. 

So hold on tight, pretty girl, 

it’s going to be an amazing ride

with your heart leading the way

to beautiful things. 

I just wanted her to know, 

I just wanted me to know. 

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry ©2017

10 thoughts on “Dead End Road ”

  1. I just wanted you to know
    how quiet, comfortable, safe,
    can I feel
    after a ride
    on your poetry.
    Unexpected. Unforgettable.
    Please, don’t let me down,
    keep writing…

    Liked by 1 person

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