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Scar Crossing

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Nicole Lyons


I am who I am
and I make no apologies.
My soul has always been
from another place,
where hearts are seen
and scars are shared.
There’s another world
somewhere waiting for me.
I hear it calling in my dreams;
it’s calling me home.
I run towards the voices,
the hearts, the scars,
until I’m almost there
to feel the sweetness
of a home like that,
and I wake up
just before I touch it.
I tell myself,
that world isn’t ready for me
yet, but one day
I will make a blazing entrance,
and when I do,
my heart will finally be seen
for what it is;
galaxies and all.

© Stephanie Bennett-Henry 2017

Moon child with
your galaxy heart,
cool your heels
and stay awhile.
I see you
in this little place
and I think perhaps
it was born of you too.
I see you
and I hear…

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