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Beautiful Doesn’t Lie 

The mirror, the ugly mirror, 

it lies all day when it looks at me. 

Judges me with a reflection of 

laughter, shards of disgust. 

Or it’s the people, all the people, 

patronizing me with condescending 

tongues, and eyes that cannot 

be seeing the same as the mirror. 

It cuts into me like stares that 

stab my soul with every gaze, 

and I don’t know how to make it 

stop. I am not seeing myself in 

the same light as the mirror, 

the people, the blind reflection. 

But maybe it’s me who’s lying. 

Maybe I am the one who never 

learned to look at myself 

without turning away, the same

way eye contact feels wrong. 

That’s the truth, the guilty truth. 

I missed the lesson somewhere 

along the way about embracing 

beauty. I missed out on embracing 

a lot of things. But honestly, 

the only guilt in the truth of it all 

is the way I should have learned 

decades ago to recognize that 

there’s no shame in looking in 

the mirror and saying, 

I am beautiful… just like this. 

I never learned that though, 

so I avoid it altogether. 

But if you are reading this, 

you are beautiful, you are. 

Look in the mirror every day 

and repeat it until you see it 

with your own eyes. 

You are beautiful. 

I am beautiful. 

All of us, so beautiful.

©2017 Stephanie Bennett-Henry 

12 thoughts on “Beautiful Doesn’t Lie ”

  1. This is a remarkable thing to see to start the day. I know exactly what you mean even though, as a guy, “beauty” is not culturally spoken of in the same way, still it is there, and so are the mirrors to avoid, and the opinions of others that can be discounted.

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  2. You are beautiful, for sure, and we are all beautiful in our own ways. I loved this, as I love most things you write. Thank you, once again!

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  3. Beauty
    I look in the mirror once a day
    Just to make sure, I look okay
    My hair and teeth are brushed
    My cheeks are lightly blushed
    Suspicious spots undercover
    To avoid the unwanted once over
    Never again throughout the day
    Do I take the time to look my way
    Beauty is as beauty does
    A true beauty, I never was
    The beauty is not in my face
    But can be found in another place
    Not seen as my reflection
    But still,…. perfection
    My beauty is in my soul and heart
    From which I promise it will never part
    Years from now. my hair, my face, my eyes
    Will have a NEW disguise.
    Beauty of my soul and heart, never cold
    As I do grow old

    Christina L. Pearson

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