Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry, Uncategorized

Lies Remembered

I hope you feel powerful now
for taking a low blow to my heart
I hope you feel bigger than the smallness
you were always running from
when no one was around to save you
except for me.
But that’s all forgotten now.
I never existed.
I was lost somewhere between the truth
and the day you forgot how to tell it.
I was put in the corner
of where your dirty lies
collected the dust
from that smile everyone believes in.
I know the feeling
because I once believed it too.
Until you covered me
in the lies I can’t scrub away,
and it feels disgusting
to be this dirty.
But I won’t let it bury me
in the ugliness that mirrors your heart.
That’s never who I’ll be.
I hope you never feel the cold
of losing everything
while everyone smiles
and continues living
like nothing ever happened.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry © 2016

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