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If ever we were only friends, 

it was never for long. 

We were always more. 

The friends who can’t stop giving in 

to the feelings that touch us deep 

down to those layers that cut through 

skin and bone and God I’ve never 

stopped loving you, friend…. 

forever touching me in all the ways 

I never want you to stop.

My heart stays in the pieces 

of how you crash into me 

time and again… 

  and I’ll stay broken forever 

if you promise to keep picking me up 

with how my name sounds in your mouth. 

Stephanie Bennett-Henry © 2016

1 thought on “Friends ”

  1. I truly enjoy your poetry. I particularly liked:

    “My heart stays in the pieces
    of how you crash into me
    time and again… ”

    and your last line is just a thrilla in manila! A knock out punch. Write On!

    Liked by 1 person

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