Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry, Uncategorized

No Truce For Your Mess 

Because it’s not easy

Because I thought I could 

but changed my mind 

when my words turned 

into a paralysis of 

permanent knots 

that couldn’t be untied. 

Because it was so simple 

Because it never was to me 

Because my heartstrings 

are strangling my fight 

and there’s a white flag 

somewhere that is begging 

to feel the wind 

but it never will, it never will. 

Because the peace gets shredded 

before it can fly

Because I am the shredded cloth 

of what could have been 

Because I am too honest 

in a world that favors 

how pretty a lie can be decorated 

and feathers turn to shit 

so easily, I am sickened 

with all the wicked places here. 

Because I don’t know how to wage war 

against the battle that follows 

Because I shouldn’t have to

Because this is your mess 

and I don’t know why 

I’m still on my knees cleaning it up. 

Stephanie Bennett-Henry © 2016 

3 thoughts on “No Truce For Your Mess ”

  1. No honey…do not put yourself through this. He has problems he needs to deal with. I tried to get him help. He is narcissistic liar. Thankful you are good. If you ever need a friend I am here. I have nothing but love for him. I’m not the person he portrays me to be. I was stupid for falling for him. That’s my problem to deal with. You hold that head high and be that strong person I see. ❤

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