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Fire Starter 

The fire I had… 

burning in the deep center core 

  of all I’ve ever known 

was started by that match 

  in your eyes. 

You see, before you I was cold. 

A frozen solid unaware that 

a thawing was possible, 

 until I melted into you. 

And the flames came 

 out of nowhere… 

or perhaps your eyes

with how they burned me 

perfectly and your lips.. 

You don’t even know 

when your lips swallowed me, 

you were saving my life. 

I had never been so alive 

until you… until you, 

I was reading the obituary 

about myself but no one told me 

it was written for me. 

And now, I am here 

 without you. 

It’s cold. But much warmer 

than before I knew you existed. 

Because that fire you started 





Stephanie Bennett-Henry © 2016

5 thoughts on “Fire Starter ”

  1. You pegged him. He will remain in your soul for a long time. Very well written. Your very passionate with a twist. Like it. I love reading and you are good. Your full of spirit. Never lose it. Your new fan. Kim ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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