Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry, Uncategorized


Everyone thinks I’m hardened

Everyone thinks I stay in the dark 

because I want to, because I like it. 

Everyone thinks it’s so fucking funny 

the way I swear it’s a mans world.. 

 but you know what’s funny? 

My “mans world” thinking 

isn’t a hypothesis I keep in my pocket 

like a gun and only pull it out 

when something doesn’t go my way…

No. Not at all. 

And this has never been fiction. 

I don’t write fiction. 

I don’t write about something 

I don’t believe in. 

So, I’m not writing fairy tales. 

I’m not writing what I think you want 

to hear. Maybe I’m writing what you 

need to hear. So hear it. 

Hear it loud and clear. 

If you don’t like it, so what. 

Move along…. swiftly. 

 Just because you have a dick 

doesn’t mean it’s okay to write a comment 

that could only come from the mouth 

of a pig. But I guess having a dick

makes it okay to crack a brainless 

comment about “cum” 

and call it constructive criticism. 

Little boy…   

  one day… maybe you’ll be a real man. 

But not today. Not today. 

 I find it disturbing 

that only women actually have 

a set of balls big enough 

  to take on such disrespect

by replying to a comment from 

 Mr. Piggy. 

  And the room fell silent. 

The room went dark.. 

the only armor shining 

 is in the hearts of the ladies. 

    All the dicks went limp. 

The end. 

Stephanie Bennett-Henry © 2016 

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