Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry, Uncategorized


Well, if I had a dick, 

not even a big one, 

Just average size will do, 

and if I had a job with 

some bullshit title, 

you would be busting your balls 

a little harder for this, for me, 

wouldn’t you? 

Because it would matter more

because I would appear to 

have more power shooting 

out of my mind, 

I mean dick. 

I would spew words 

that don’t even make sense,

and you would believe them. 

You would buy what I say 

even though I pulled it 

straight from my ass, 

because and only because 

of what you have barely swinging 

down below, you know? 

So, you’re not denying 

that you’re a liar and a criminal, 

a scum bag with no bag 

big enough to hold your filth? 

No. Because you don’t have to

deny anything or prove anything, 

because this world, Sir, 

is all yours… no matter what you do 

with that below average dick

in your hands. 

Swing it around. Give the world 

a dose of bullshit 

and they shall all believe 

the lying power of you 

and what you call your dick, 

your mind… your repulsive smile. 

You fit in well here, Sir… 

Welcome to your world. 

Stephanie Bennett-Henry (Dickless)


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