Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry, Uncategorized

What I Meant to Say 

Another failure under my belt, 

it’s no wonder it feels so tight, 

and all this time I was convinced 

I was giving everything I had left. 

But that was the same as nothing… 

and no one cares why you’re empty, 

emptiness cannot be seen. 

So, maybe you’re just crazy. 

That sums it up. 

Maybe you’re so fucking stupid. 

That’s what people say 

when they can’t understand 

why you are not exactly like them. 

Assumptions are easy. 

Understanding is not. 

People judge to make sense 

of their own narrow minds, 

going with the flow of the majority 

and doesn’t majority always win? 

Sometimes I think to myself

 I’m sorry I wasn’t better 

 at being the person you thought 

 I should have been. 

But no…  

that apology isn’t in my hands. 

What I meant to say is, 
   Fuck you for never believing in me. 

   Fuck you for questioning my worth. 

   Fuck you for making me doubt myself. 

   Fuck you for judging me. 
There, I said it. 

I have never been so unapologetic. 
-Stephanie Bennett-Henry 

What I Meant to Say

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