Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry, Uncategorized

I want the person who doesn’t use the word “baggage” to describe the past and instead considers it lessons learned. Someone who is smart enough to not describe depression as negativity or sadness as weakness. I only want to see the one who breaks their own heart from loving too hard. Show me some intensity at the same table where tenderness is served. Be able to multitask your emotions in such a way, your anger never gets the best of you, and I hope the best of you is next to me. See me as your equal, despite the world not letting me be. Stand up for me no matter what, have my back even when I’m not with you. Keep your promises or don’t make any. Learn how to plan things but still be spontaneous. Understand that sometimes my silence is a scream.. hear it. Don’t walk with me without holding my hand. Make me laugh. Know that ignoring someone’s pain is no different than abandonment. Never have a selective memory or a blind eye. Realize that pretending everything is fine when it’s not is cowardly. Remember that words are forever once you say them and you can’t get them back. Comprehend that if you complain on a daily basis, you’re an asshole. If you don’t like how something is being done, remember how you are capable of doing it. Don’t bring your work home with you. Be a good cook. Memorize my favorite things. Never turn any volume up when I’m talking to you. Don’t talk when I’m playing a song for you. Understand that ignoring is the same as not caring. And if we ever stop kissing each other, it’s over. 

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry ©2016

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