Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry, Uncategorized

Only The Stars Had A Straight Face – Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Nicole Lyons


Sometimes it’s funny when someone is drunk, we all laugh like it’s not the alcohol, and we are still laughing the next day at that silly, funny, clown, as we sweep the mess that never even made us chuckle. No. It made us cry. But today, everything will be better, because laughing it off made it go away, right? Never. But it helped us cope. So laughter became the best medicine and we made jokes like crack addicts getting a fix… it’s all better now. Then the sun comes up and we are drenched in a hangover of exactly how laughter tastes. It’s bitter. I don’t want it. I never want it. It’s not a choice, so I clean my plate without gagging and that’s funny too. We laugh like saying grace before dinner. It’s not funny, but our skin is programmed to say otherwise. Amen. We had bunk beds…

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