Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry, Uncategorized

What Hell Looks Like 

It feels like we’re all drowning sometimes, doesn’t it? All of us under water trying to see the world more clearly but it’s distorted, and we never reach for things so strange. We can’t understand it if we never touch it and nobody wants to risk getting burned. So we all sit in the comfort of our homes as we tread through the flames of here and now.  If you don’t believe in heaven, believe that this used to be it, until we strangled the beauty so hard, it all turned to hell. This is hell. Look closely… our fingerprints are in the ash and we walk all over it, like we’re so proud of what we created. We should’ve turned back so long ago, we should have stopped when our feet first started feeling the burn, before we had blood on our hands. We should’ve made our voices louder than our denial, should’ve left our living rooms where we were so comfortable watching the creation of this disaster on our televisions, we should’ve done more than nothing. Our silence has always been so heavy, doused in the gasoline of burn it all down but our words, our rights, we lost those in the fire. We took a thousand steps backbecause it was easier that way and nobody spoke up. And now… We can’t just go take it all back. It was easy to throw away, but getting it back is going to take a revolution we haven’t seen before. Get out of the water, you never were drowning, you were hiding, and we’ve all done enough of that. We have to take back our power from the hands who never should’ve touched it. We have to call this place home again. And believe me, if there’s a god, she will never be disguised as a politician. 

©Stephanie Bennett-Henry 2016

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