Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry, Uncategorized

The One Who Got Away 

My heart doesn’t hurt as much as it did 
when you first left or even a year after, 
but still there are days when it feels exactly like that day, that week, that month. It felt different with you. I guess because you were different from anyone I’d known before, anyone I’d ever loved before. Maybe you were the first one I ever really loved. Maybe you were meant for me, but just not right now, not in this life. I still look for you in all I do, every song, every sky, every word, every silence, and I always find you there the same as I remember… taking my breath away. But when I need someone, it’s never anyone other than you that comes to mind. Even though you are not here, you are, like the first time you kissed me and my heart moved into your eyes… your eyes, where I never saw anything less than your soul and my heart turned into a home that was built from that moment, with your name; you are still my forever. Love of my life, in my next life, I will find you and put my name in your heart. 

Stephanie Bennett-Henry©

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